Hello, welcome to BCC Inc.



Mr. Shang Zhiqiang 


Mr. Shang Zhiqiang, bachelor degree, joined BCC in 2004. He is the CEO of BCC.

He is fully responsible for BCC’s overall operation and strategic development, establishing and

improving company organization structure and management system. Mr. Shang used to be the Manager of information and energy business department, and responsible for technical management and marketing of certification business in the field of information and energy.  And he also served as project management of training center and client service department, and was also manager of marketing department and certification business department.

Mr. Xu Yi 

Manager of Product & Business Development Dept.



Mr. Xu Yi, Assistant Engineer / Assistant Economist, joined BCC in 2003. He is the Manager of Operation & Management Department.

He used to be the Construction Department manager. He also served as client service center manager and marketing department manager in BCC.

Ms Lu Xiaojie (Lisa)

Deputy Manager of Product & Business Development Dept.

Ms Lu Xiaojie (Lisa) jointed BCC in 2000, the present job title is Business Development Department manager to be responsible for developing BCC business. During the 16 years, Lisa helps BCC set up solid cooperation relationship with Soil Association UK and CERMET Italy. Lisa ever serviced for NQA representative office in China as business manager. Before joint BCC, Lisa worked in Stanley Bostitch company as Import & Export manager.