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Organically grown produce cannot be grown with the use of chemically based fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. It does not necessarily mean that no pesticides were used, but any pesticides would have to be regulated and non-synthetic. It is also not allowed to be genetically modified, and has not been irradiated.

The Organic Product Certification refers to the evaluation of the production and processing of the organic product by the certification body according to the relevant standards and regulations.

The Benefits of OP Certification:
1. It shows that you are a company with ambitious, innovative, high confidence and high goals.

2. Reliable - Shows that you meet your expectations, provide your commitments, and maintain your competence.

3. It is proof that you are loyal, service oriented.



Please contact us for details. (Service Hotline: 400-016-9000)



Please contact us for details. (Service Hotline: 400-016-9000).